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Professional Makeup Application

At Vera Reina Beauty, we specialize in beautiful professional makeup application for both men, women and teenagers. We have experience applying makeup for many different occasions such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, proms, and even just for our clients who would like it done for their day to day life. For those occasions where you don’t feel comfortable applying your own makeup, professional makeup application is a great option.

Prom Makeup Services

A prom is a special celebration where your child will say goodbye to their teenage high school years and enter into young adulthood. For this occasion, it is imperative that your child feels special and beautiful. A professional makeup art application can really make the day special. Prom is not just about the actual party, but it is also about the entire day of preparations and rituals. Our makeup artists are able to come up with a gorgeous look to compliment your daughter’s chosen prom dress and make her feel like the princess that she is.

Bat Mitzvah Makeup

For your daughters first celebration into womanhood, it is important that they feel confident and beautiful while looking mature and appropriate for this important rite of passage. A makeup artist is able to highlight their special features without going overboard on color. We have lots of experience working with color palettes and have many reference photos for you to choose from.

Business Function Makeup Services

Business functions are one of those occasions where you have one chance to make a strong impression. Your appearance is judged before people can even speak to you, and even afterwards, it can influence how people perceive you. For these occasions, it can be beneficial to have a professional apply your makeup to create a look that is suitable for a professional function. Bring in a reference photo or have some key features that you want our makeup artists to keep in mind when doing your look. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a calming makeup application.

Learn More About Applying Your Own Makeup

Our makeup artists will always be happy to teach you some application techniques that you can incorporate into your daily beauty routine. We love to share our passion with our clients, that is why we always offer to explain step by step what we are doing so that you can better understand how to apply your own makeup. We love to inspire our clients to be confident, unique and to own their beauty! We want to empower our clients to create unique looks that work for them in their day to day lives!

Whatever the occasion, we look forward to coming up with a unique look that suits you perfectly! Our professional makeup artists are eager to share their skills and knowledge with you so that when you leave you feel beautiful, confident and secure in your newfound makeup art knowledge!

Vera Reina Beauty Makeup Services

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