Bridal Makeup Services For St. Albert

At Vera Reina Beauty, we specialize in the creation and application of custom bridal makeup looks for the soon to be brides of St. Albert. We are a full service, fully equipped team of makeup artists ready to serve you and your entire bridal. We are passionate about making our clients feel like the best, most beautiful and polished versions of themselves on their special day. We are skilled at performing a variety of makeup looks from natural, to glamorous, to classic and even retro. We are experienced at working weddings large and small. There is no bridal party that can intimidate us! Our team of makeup artists are well-versed in an array of wedding ceremonies. Don’t be bogged down with the small details on your special day. Leave your makeup to the professionals at Vera Reina Beauty!

Choose Your Look for Your Wedding Day

There are many different makeup looks to choose from to incorporate on your big day. Your personal makeup consultant will schedule a session with you so that you can go over the details with them. This allows them to envision the color scheme, themes, and mood of the wedding to create a personalized, unique makeup look that fits in with the decor and feel of the wedding. This would be a great time to bring any reference photos that you may have for inspiration, so as to help visualize the final look.

Bridal Makeup to Match the Color Scheme

A great way to think about what kind of wedding makeup to do is to think about the color scheme of the wedding. You want your makeup to fit in with the decor so that everything is cohesive and in harmony. For example, if your wedding is mostly cool tones, you will probably have blue, pink, purple or turquoise flowers and table settings. Perhaps your bridal party’s dresses will also be cool toned. If so, you will want your makeup to match this color scheme. Your makeup artist will present you with blushes, lipsticks and eyeshadows that have a blue undertone. Colors like pinks, lavenders, blues and greens will look great with this color scheme.

If your color scheme is warm toned, you will probably benefit from incorporating lots of golds, yellows, oranges and maroons into your wedding. This type of color scheme goes great in the autumn when the change of season compliments these colors. No matter the wedding, our makeup team will always be sure to find the perfect color scheme to fit it.

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At Vera Reina Beauty, we always rise to the challenge to create a custom makeup look for each of our clients. We believe that no two clients’ needs are the same, that is why we always strive to learn new techniques all the time to help on our clients in St. Albert find the perfect look.

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. Don’t risk doing your own makeup. If you live in or around St. Albert then trust a bridal makeup company that is fully invested in making your special day a success.