Eyebrow Tinting for Sherwood Park

If you have spent years over-tweezing your eyebrow hairs, they may have stopped growing in altogether, leaving you with misshapen, sparse eyebrows. Unfortunately, this is permanent, but there is a solution. Even though the thick hairs may never grow back, there are micro hairs that are very light and not visible to the eye. At our Sherwood Park salon, we specialize in tinting those hairs to create a fuller-looking more defined brow for those clients who do not have the real thing. Eyebrow tinting is a great solution that will provide eyebrow definition without the need for extra makeup. It is perfect for our Sherwood Park clients who are busy and would prefer spending more time in the mornings doing other things like enjoying a hot cup of coffee instead of meticulously penciling-in their eyebrows.

Eyebrow Dying: DIY or Hire a Professional?

Tinting your eyebrows is never a good idea to do at home, as you likely do not have the skills or products to successfully color match your eyebrow. At our salon, our Sherwood Park eypebrow technicians are expertly skilled at finding the best color for your skin tone and hair color. They do this by mixing our industry standard, high-quality tinting solutions to create a customized tint just for you. Don’t skimp out on having a professional do this for you, it’s well worth avoiding over-processed brows.

Eyebrow Dye for Blondes & Brunettes

Even though thick, dark and somewhat unruly eyebrows are all the rage on the runways right now, this look is not right for everyone. For our fair-haired and light-skinned clients, we recommend shapely light brows. However, for brunettes, sometimes a more subtle tint is desired. It is best to accentuate what is naturally already there, and not to overdo it. However, if you have a particular look in mind, bring in a photo and your eyebrow technician will be sure to recreate the eyebrow look to suit your personal facial features perfectly.

How Long Does Eyebrow Tinting Last?

Eyebrow tinting generally lasts four to eight weeks. Clients who exercise often may need to come in closer to four weeks for a touch-up, however this will also depend on how well their hair holds dye and how often they wash their face. The sun is also another factor in how long your eyebrow tint will last. Since the sun naturally lightens hair, it is common for clients who spend a lot of time outside exposed to the sun to need touch-ups more often.

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